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NCSA is the nation’s leading college scouting and recruiting network. We’ve created thousands of success stories, placing high school athletes in college programs that are right for them. How? By bringing together three powerful elements and putting them in the hands of athletes and their families:



Our scouts share decades of deep experience in the recruiting process – and perhaps more important – they are driven by a passion to help athletes succeed. They’re here because college athletics changed their lives, and through the process they’ve gained the expertise to help others navigate the complex recruiting process. They’re available seven days a week for one-on-one help.


Every 10 minutes, all day long, a college coach logs into our network. Every time this happens, it's an opportunity for you to catch the eye of one of 35,000 active college coaches in our network and take one step closer to a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our national partners, athletic clubs and media associates help us provide customized recruiting education programs and extend our reach. Meet our partners.


Our Recruit-Match database system allows you to build a custom profile complete with stats, athletic highlights and a skills video– so you can get your info out there. For qualified members, our complex, custom algorithms work to match you with your best-fit opportunities – exposing you to roster spots and scholarships you’d otherwise never be aware of. Learn about our recruiting technology.


If you’re a qualified student athlete, NCSA will help you get recruited. Since 2000, we’ve helped more than 83,000 student-athletes commit to colleges, with an average of $16,700 scholarship and financial aid awarded, as reported by NCSA athletes.


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